All inclusive Experience Concept

Free Bar & Food 24h


Abandon yourself to the pleasure you've always wanted!


  • NEWS 2018 Vegan Self-service drinks mix with fruit and vegetable mix with ginger.
  • NEWS 2018 Nachos self service always available at the bar.
  • Free Drink at self-service meals with natural and sparkling water, 5 types of soft drink beer, local white, red or sparkling wine.
  • Free Bar 24 hour self service bar with 5 types of soft drinks and water.
  • "Tisanito" An alternative to the usual coffee! 24h distributor in the bars of hot herbal teas.




  • Free Ice self service with joghurt, granite and soft ice always available at the bar and in the pool.
  • Live Cooking Restaurant and quality buffet, with Pizzeria and Grill at sight.
  • "Gnammy & Kids Buffet" area dedicated to the restaurant with buffet where the children can eat followed and served by the entertainers for lunch at 12 and dinner at 19
  • Free Sweet at meals with a pastry buffet prepared by pastry, self-service machines with coffee or lemon sorbets and homemade ice cream.
  • Baby Drink self-service dispenser 3 types of juices for children.
  • Sogni d'oro Snack: from 10.30pm rich buffet with biscuits, at the bar tisane, chamomile and hot milk.


Absolute Fun!
  • NEWS 2018 Nursery room dedicated to small puppies from 6 months to 3 years and followed by Mary Poppins.
  • NEWS 2018 "MARY POPPINS" baby sitting dedicated exclusively to small puppies from 6 months to 3 years every day from 9 to 12 from 15 to 18 except Saturday, the nanny can hold up to 2 children for each time slot)
  • Animation and assistants for children and teenagers, recreational program, educational and sports, every day at all hours.
  • Teatropolis Arena Open-air theater every night from 9 pm to 11 pm
  • Safe indoor play area with soft games and mechanical panels for children aged 3 to 5 years.


Flexible meals all day

MORNING breakfast with cereal bread, pies and freshly baked cakes (prepared by our pastry). And again, Pan Cake & French Toast, stuffed crepes at the moment, jams and biscuits, fresh fruit and vegetable juices, freshly squeezed juices, yoghurt, cold cuts, cheese and freshly prepared eggs, in the way you like best.

LUNCH Pizza, served and prepared at the moment, first and second courses of meat, fish and evdings served at sight, buffet of appetizers, vegetables and desserts

DINNER Pizza, served and prepared at the moment, first and second courses of meat, fish and veal served at sight, buffet of appetizers, vegetables and desserts


Do you have any plans for tonight?
  • Dinner "Sapori dal Mare" dinner based on seafood products from our sea.
  • Dinner "Typical of the territory" dinner with traditional Romagnola menu.
  • "Donuts" from 09.30 pm buffet with colorful donuts.
  • "Cake Design" from 09.30 pm buffet with sugar paste desserts
  • NEWS 2018 "Fruit Caramel" from 21.30 buffet with crunchy caramel season fruit
  • Lolly-Pop Explosion! from 9.30 pm Buffet with sweet and colorful lollies
  • NEWS 2018 Snack Box always take it with you, take and keep what you want from our snack buffets for your children!
  • My Thermos always take it with you, you can take your drinks from all hot or cold drinks dispensers to enjoy anywhere you want!
  • PuppIce always take it with you, glass to taste where you want our granita!
  • The comfortable backpack for storing my thermos and the snack box!
  • My Family Card, every day of Holiday with Family Hotels Italia € 5 as a gift!
  • Bongy jump jumps do not stop!
  • Family Bag "la spiaggina" beach bag for mom!

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